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this is mainly for lishd

i attached the second lock (next to the one with the cuff) to the other lock. it hasn't moved an inch, even after 3 washes.

for the people that don't know what i'm talking about: a few weeks back i offered lishd a lock of mine in exchange for 2 locks of her first set. cutting off the lock was completely MY idea, just so you know. she didn't ask or force me to do it. after i cut off said lock i left a few inches which i combed out. i let the remaining fluff recover a bit, and then dreaded it up again so lishd's locks would have something to grab on to. after attaching the first lock (the one with the cuff) i was struggling to find another place on my head to attach the second lock to. so, i took some thread, and sewed lock n°2 into lock n°1 + my own small lock so they'd still be together. despite it looking a bit odd (pitchfork-like) i do love having her locks dangling in my neck :)

i'm done with sewing other people's hair into my own for now though..

right, c'est tout.

no wait, the top of my head is soooooo fascinating!

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