J (wisdumb) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

hey. obviously, I'm new to this community, so I thought I might say hello and give some geeky background info.

I used to have dreads... when I first got them done by my sister, they were three feet long. it only took us about a day and a half to get them all done, which is good considering how much hair I had. by the time of their first birthday (and death) they were only about a foot long. I don't know why I kept cutting them, although they were easier to take care of.

Eventually I decided (quite stupidly) to rid myself of them. the itchy scalp and the fact that I had wonky dreads from tying them up too much just took a huge toll on my sanity. I ended up combing them out... it took me three weeks and a huge hat to conceal my freaky hair when I went out. by the time I was done, I was .. well, kind of mortified. before I got my dreads my hair was super thick, but afterwards it was a mess. it still isn't that great.

I still want them back though. I've never had a more satisfying 'hairstyle' that made me feel more like myself than ever before. it's a real mind altering experience in my opinion. I completely recommend getting dreadlocks.

anyway, that's my story.
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