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hi hi.
ive always adored dreads, and tonight [mainly from boredom, a lack of parental control, and the heat] i spent almost 3 hours putting my hair in dreads.

problem one: i have lots of uber uber fine hair. some look...nice and thick and puffy, while others are all...limp and gross. what can i do to make them more...oomphy for lack of a better word
problem two: im in the middle of growing out a reverse mullet. [long bangs, short back], and the back pieces are probably 2" long and stand straight out. is there a way i can get them to ... stop looking dumb?

i dunno. they smell nice. and they're not that itchy yet...

ive wanted dreads since i was 13...5 years later i get them and i dont know what i think. blegh.
when i find batteries for my digital camera i'll take pictures. webcam shots arent getting them all

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