Tina Ann (magikaldragon) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Tina Ann

Hello. I dont have dreads. But all of yours are sooo pretty & that makes me jealous. I dont know that i could commit myself just yet... but when the time is right i'm sure i will. I have been lurkin for a while.

anyways i guess my reason for my post... is i've seen some of you post pictures wearin cute headbands... kinda like the ones you wear over your ears in the winter... well i saw some awsomely adorable ones at the dollar store... yes thats it only a dollar... i almost bought one... but it wouldnt look as cute on me hehe.

So for now i will lurk & drool over all the pretty people. You guys are an awsome bunch of people from what i see. keep on being who you are!

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