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Dread thinking...

Just some thoughts on my dreads, normally i'd post this to my own journal, probably private too, but i feel its worth a share. Just no laughing. ;P

So, it's the 7th. in 14 days my dreads will be 2 years old. Quite the milestone. BY this time a child can talk, walk, and some are even potty trained. My dreads, they don't do any of this. But they do knot themselves up well. and that only took about 9 months.

In 15 days they'll have gone on vacation.

Back in my first year of university, my roomate told me that he thought i could pull off dreads. I laughed at him, and said "yeah, but then when i become a pilot i'll only get hired by Jamacian Airlines." I was of course joking. BUt having had short spikey hair for the previous 4 years i was looking for something different. And it seemed at the time the best option. Unique, cool, fun, popular and in some people's eyes sexy. So i though what the hay. A year and a half later on a fun packed weekend which included my university's Winter formal, Rapure Pie, and a lot of beer (For the pain of course ;) )i got my dreads. My very wonderful girlfriend at the time (she's an ex now) put them in with some help from her roomate. I put way too much wax in them that week. They looked horrible, although at the time i thought they were great. I palmrolled and waxed regularly for the first few months, but always wore them up in a bandana. Then summer came, spent a wonderful amount of time at the beach with them down. They got slightly shorter as the wax came out of them, and they tightened up. i had SO much sand in my hair that year. BUt i still wore them in a bandana when i wasnt at the beach. I was still too self confident about how i looked, espically in a small rural town. I got alot of funny looks. One guy at the factory i worked at thought i was a girl all summer too. heh, that was weird.

then i came back and moved in with new roomates. That fall was one of the funnest i've had at school. Lots of stuff i don't want to talk about, all fun things, but think "Kenny Rogers Jackass". Plus it was the best year of my university career. That year I fell in with a different group of friends too. started wearing the dreads down at shows, when i drove around, occasionally when i went out for a run/walk. BUt not that often.

Started getting recognised around campus alot more as that dreaded guy. Everyone seemed to know me or know someone who knew me. Didn't help my university is only about 5000 students. That made me a bit more self-conscious. Started wearing them in a ponytail everyday.

I should mention that by this time they had gotten quite long. Weird growth patterns.
This past spring, my new friends really started bugging me to wear them down. They eventually wore me down and i let them fly a fair amount. since then, i've been very free with them and they've really come together in the past year. Plus they've been looking really great this past week, which makes it even harder to think i'm going to... have to cut them off. Yup on the 21st, i've decided to remove them. Although this set was my first, and has been through some tough years, and alot of fun times, my second set is going to be so much better. So that way when i drive down to a dread meet this summer *coughbostonpeoplecough* I'll have a much shorter set, but somehow i think they'll... hmmm. not sure how to finish that up.

They'll be kickass. yup that's it.

So all that being said. Any tips for hairstyles? Those of you who can remember my face.

Oh and don't talk me out of it. I'm cutting them off. Sorry Carrie. ('cause i know she'll post telling me not too ;) ) I haven't decided if i'll mail any out either.
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