Luna (isillote) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


Finally I post pictures, more to come, just need to shoot em first <4

Birthday piccie. Made up face. You can see that there are still someone left. Combing process.

All the hair that came out, I didnt think of comparing it with anything, but this lump is TIGHTLY packed.

ALL GONE! from the front. This is 4 am in the morning 30th of october, a sunday. Wearing my pyjamas, it's my fringe.. or what once was a fringe.

The back of it

The new fresh start

25% through the job! halfway done!

Artistic? Oh yes

Before shot.. LOOKIE how fucking poky and nasty they are?! for not mentioning how THIN they are!

See? you can barely see that it even was DREADS! Thats how horrible it was! NASTY. Oh, caught mid-sentence. *nods*

And just because you were all dying to know : a picture of my dear lovely Cleopatra, the Giant Schnauzer <3 She's not very happy in this pic, she was feeling a little blue.. I love her <3

10 pics I think.
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