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spa crazies?

Hi :)
Another new girl here ... you can go look at my journal to find out more stuff about me but - you will have to comment first if you want to read most of it, as most posts are locked to friends only. damn stalkers :P

Now there is this issue that I am having -

I am so hoping that someone here might have experienced the weirdness that is my hair at the moment. I don't have pics of it so will try to be descriptive as possible.

I have long (middle of my back length) thin (about pencil width) dreadies. They have been doing their thing for about 4 and a half months now - pretty naturally, every now and then I put the dreaded wax in them and for the most part leave them to do as they please. My hair is generally pretty healthy. The dreadies aren't particularly tight yet but hold together nicely, and I think they are coming along as "normally" as expected.

Now.... About 10 days ago I died my hair, which was fine and has been done before so I didn't think there would be too much of an issue with it this time BUT I went and played in a spa for a few hours this past Friday evening and the strangest thing happened.
There was a lot of swishing around in the water, no chemicals in it, aside from some bubble bath which I dont think would have done too much damage. but in the morning, when they had pretty much dried, every single one of them has shrunken up with around ten loops flattened into them. My hair is sitting almost shoulder length so that is about 4 or 5 inches of shrinkage and the loops will come down somewhat if you rip at them a lot, but there are still a *lot* in there and are heaps worse at the back.

Any ideas as to what could have happened here? I am thinking it must have been something to do with the heat of the water and the hair dye residue, that maybe glued them together?

Your thoughts on how to pull them back down into a length somewhat resembling their former state would be appreciated as well. If I rip at them too much is it going to weaken them a lot?

*edit* It is the loops all through them that is the issue here - not so much the shortening*

Thanks so much. Xposted in dreadlocks and the knottylocks forum.
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