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I passed my exam! Woooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo!

I love to wear my hair like this, but I only do it at home.

My camara always takes blurry pictures when the batterys are near death.

Eventhought it might not look like it, but the extensions are getting hard, and FAST! My own hair isn't all that willing to dread, but it stays put and I hardly do anything to them. I don't even rootrub anymore, because they are tight.

I loooooooove my new nailpolish! All my nails broke a weak ago, and I am sad, sad, sad. What a better way then to buy some amazing coloured nailpolish and make your nails happy? Hahaha!

A lot of people told me they are jealous of my hair. Why? Because I can put things in and around it, and they can't. Well, I never thought of it like THAT!

Completely offtopic, but I want a new hole in my ear besides the normal lobe-things. I love almost every earpiercing there is! But I am scared to death. I keep picturing my ears full of lumps, bumps, holes, dents, infections, blue and red spots, scars, weird grown ears and what else. My lobes healed fine, and they were gunned. So I figure anything else should heal fine if it's pierced. I don't know, I am just scared. (Plus my bellybutton hurt so freaking much.. But pain is something that won't hold me back!). Any comforting words for little me?

Yeah, it's a Dutch/Belgium holiday, and he is the same as your Santa Claus, but you use Christmas for him and we gave him his own holiday :p
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