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First post..

Hey, so i just joined this community after a while of searching around for a good dreadlock lj community.
I dont have dread locks yet, mainly because my hair isn't at it's "desired length" (its only 3 inches) but before i get them, i just had a few questions.
I know most of the techniques for getting dreads and i decided to go with back combing and using wax, i just had a question for anyone else here who used this method:
Exactly how do you back comb? Whenever i try to do it, i just get a frizzy bent lump of hair that looks nothing like a dread lock.

And one more question:
How exactly do you section your hair for getting the dreads? I mean, i never really tried many styles with my hair so im sorta confused as to how to do this , how would the sections stay etc....sorry for the dumb questions but i was a little confused :)

Thanks guys!
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