heather bo beather (peace0f_mind) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
heather bo beather

its fall and this is the time i start to get restless. in the past, when i get this way, i make a slight change... get a piercing, dye my hair, buy new clothes, something.
and id like to do something with my dreads. i havent really done too much to them as of yet. they were changing enough on theyre own. but they seem to have decided to take a break on theyre progression. now they jsut kind of sit there and hang out.
i dont know what i wana do with them... dye them? cut them? i mean, not off, just trim them...i dont know. maybe i wont do anything at all.

any suggestions?
what do you guys do when you feel like its time for a little change?
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