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Semi New member

Ok so I have been a member of this community since the summer but this is my first actual picture post...I've had my locks for about a month and a half...Partly backcombed, partly natural method, partly just screwing around and experimenting with my hair lol.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Me and Aaron, photographer.
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I bleached my hair after about 2 weeks and it seriously tightened up. I'm planning on lightening it again in about 2 more weeks.
Image hosted by
Heh I just realized that it looks like I'm being impaled by a broom handle. :-)

Image hosted by
me and my sort of Tam and my AL Burian makes my Heart Stop shirt. Al is one of the singer/guitarists of Milemarker, excellent indie rock delight. I saw them a couple of years ago in RI where I wore an I Heart Al Burian shirt and showed it to him and he said "Thats effing disturbing" bc like any good indie rocker he is all anti hero it was great...and yeah so I'm seeing them play in a couple weeks so I made this shirt and I'm going to show it to him again ;-)

This community makes me so happy. I love how active it is, and seeing everyone's pics...

With that said, is anyone here in TExass?
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