jane (janiecash) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

hair police?

i'm assuming that some of you have heard of hair police...so i just wanted to ask- hair police: yay? or nay?

i'm at this point where my hair is sometimes awesome...sometimes not so awesome. it's been a year so far.

what i like is that a few of my dreads actually rounded out.
what i don't like is that some of my dread ends are loose...it's kind of funny because the loose hair is so soft and silky esp. compared to my dreads.

i don't like how incredibly lumpy my dreads are.
there's this strange white stuff that isn't dandruff or any kind of scalp flake on my dreads...just like...tiny white dots. it looks like maybe hair follicles or something...it looks gross.

i don't like that since my hair is so dark my dreads just look like a puffball mess of hair. i don't think very many people know i actually have dreads. i've been told it just looks like i haven't combed my hair. which i guess i don't mind anyway...i mean, i've already been through a year and haven't really thought about cutting them.

still, it makes me sad because sometimes i look at them and say "finally! they are becoming defined and look less like a nest."

i wonder if some wax might help my dreads. or i don't know.

um...yeah. just dread rant. and sorry the pics were so huge before.

witness the silky tips!

and here's the nest...

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