nicoblue (soulhaus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

(exerpted from my own journal - find the full length post here)

so, this weekend, kevin drove me up to los angeles and i dreaded up heads #4 & #5 :D

meet natalie (dometrent), shannon (hippiefaith) and george, the kitty.

it was two days of hard work, sore muscles, sweat, laughter, immense amounts of good food, and the making of not only dreads, but new friends as well.

saturday started with shannon:

her hair was long and thick, and she explained that
it dreads on it's own when given the opportunity.

ahhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahha i love the unidread...dreadicorn...
whatever you want to call it, it always pleases me to see!

the finished product! 32 babies
that will grow up fat n' strong.

and then sunday, there was natalie. she wanted thinner dreads as a finished product, something similiar to fugged. i inspected her head, and although it may have seemed baby fine, it was extremely lush. trying to seperate it was like sifting through liquid mercury.

but i did it, and by luck or by fate, first try at sectioning
left her with the exact number she had originally requested!

hahahahahahahah... merely for my own amusement... :D

...she is now... natty natalie.

good times! so far, this totally counts as my most succesful dread experience, ever. these girls are going to have the most FANTASTIC locks. i can't wait to see them shrink and fatten and firm and grow and.. and...
they're so precious as little dreadlettes, but oh, my, how i cant wait to see these babies all grown up!!!!
*happy sigh*

and that, my friends, is that.
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