nicoblue (soulhaus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i had posted this as a response to someone in dreadfaeries and thought... perhaps i should post it here as well, since there always seems to be an influx of newly dreaded heads.

you know what? the impatience is TOTALLY worth it.
i know, i know, everyone seeems like they've had dreads for YEARS, and you're the only person with baby locks, and yours dont look half as good, and.. and.. and..
you'll drive yourself nuts with those thoughts.

just smile, give your locks a good shake, and know that they'll only get better with time. us dreadheads, we're a rare group of individuals, one with the ability to look at the world in a different way, seeing beauty and magic in something as simple as matted hair.

the first few weeks are the longest.
they dont seem to change too much, and it can be frustrating.
but then, you relax a little, slide through the first month, and the second, and the third, and then one day, you suddenly wake up, and you notice that for some reason, THAT morning, your hair...
looks like dreads.

not just any dreads, but GREAT ones, ones that encompass and represent you. ones that you've watched grow and have come to love; ones that will have forever made an imprint on your life and soul because you gave them the time to flourish, to become what they are, with nothing more than a little hope and guidance.

don't see others locks with envy in your eyes, see them with hope and excitement for the future. it may be a long journey, but but it's the best kind - a joyus one with no predetermined destination in sight.
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