somebody (m00nthesea) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

coming out of the shadows

ok, so they're a bit more than two months old. they're progressing nicely, i think.. loose roots and the back's a bit of a mess, but i'm working on that. i'm trying to do the spreading them out when i put my head down thing, and i'm getting pretty used to it. some of the tips are rounding nicely, and i'm not giving up on the others. i've got some loose hairs, and a biggish patch at the nape of my neck, but i'm working on that too. ok.

Image hosted by
this one's my favorite. they're not very long, but they'll grow

Image hosted by
they're a bit lumpy, but palmrolling's helping a lot

Image hosted by
still working on those tips

Image hosted by
this side looks better

Image hosted by
and the back. it's messy, but this is a work in progress, right?

anyhow, there they are. i'm loving them and trying to encourage them as best i can.. any suggestions/tips/constructive criticism/whatever is much appreciated. thanks!

some of the pictures are kinda fuzzy, sorry.
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