ph0enixinflight (ph0enixinflight) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

3-month mark

Just a quick update. As you can see by the empty room in the first picture, I've been in the process of a move from Orlando to Palmetto and, in two weeks, back to Orlando. Long story. But... my dreads are now 3 months... woo hoo. Overall, I like them. I did a stupid thing and looped a few of them because the roots weren't locking. I'm going to try to "un-loop" them this weekend and just leave them alone. Mostly... I'm just having trouble with the roots. Rubbing in a circular motion doesn't really seem to help, btw. Suggestions?

Here I am mid-move.

Dreads at 3 months and 3 days... in my temp. new digs.

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