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fun times in public bathrooms!

i went to see OAR play tonight.
when we got there my friend and i ran into the bathroom.
and it was the most fun ive ever had in a public restroom.
the attendent in there, named denise, was so fuckin great. she had liek 3 girls standing with her talking and every person who came in she was all in there shit, like HEY! how are you my names denise and if you any thing at ALL let me know... have some candy!
anyway as soon as i walked in she was like, oh my goodness, look at those dreadlocks! oo ooo i love them! they are just great! oo my, who did them? you did? oo girl im about to get myself a dread wig!
and then she proceeded to pet my hair and squeeze my dreads.
lol. it made me laugh.
and feel good.
and the show rocked.

and i just burnt my tounge on the leftover sweet potatoes im munching on. but thats completely unrelated :)
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