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a little snip from my journal.

taken from my journal.

two nights ago i was looking into the mirror. i visioned myself with a pair of shears and going at it ... going at my hair. chop. chop. chop. i'm thinking about it folks, getting rid of the dreads, just for a little while. i would really like to do another set in the future, now that i know the HOW and WHY. just a thought though, dont know if i'll do it. see, one of the reasons is, it is my identity! i am, britton the girl with the hair. i dont know if i want to live with that anymore. its been a conversation piece, a love, hate, adornment, ... GAH! i love them! they make me feel protected, my large and over-sized tangled mane. i love to twist them up and rest them on my shoulder. oh.

oh hell

yeah, i'm thinking about it.
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