Alexandra "Austin" Muirhead (outofthedark) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Alexandra "Austin" Muirhead

newbie <3

Hey everyone!

I just joined so I thought I'd introduce myself and ask a few questions.

My name is Austin I'm 19 in January, I have no dreads yet... but I'm starting them this week, hopefully.

I am planning to use the braid/backcombing method.

I just have a few questions for the more experienced of this comunity

1) What exactly is the process of palm-rolling? How do you do it and what does it do? Is it nessicary?

2) Wax? Need it or not?

3) Washing... Shampoo? No shampoo? I have NO clue about this one!

Any other advise would be awesome too.
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