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Many changes since I last posted. I briefly had a color change, which was shot down in a matter of weeks by my mother who insisted I needed a 'normal haircolor' because I've got a shitton of opportunities where I must impress a bunch of conservatives coming up. I'm back to a very interesting mix of poorly dyed brown over pink-- my heart wasn't into it.

Last weekend, I saw the boy who put in my dreads-- returned from college for a weekend. I was horribly proud because it was the first time since August that he didn't have anything mean to say about them. glee.

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D'aww for 4 AM Denny's run.
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Sleeping in a chair.
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Messy, but vastly improved...about a week ago.
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My face was hiding that day.
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And for the sake of posting it, that is my dreadhead buddy Hannah sleeping on the bus at a Model UN outing. D'aww.
And also for the sake of posting it, because I am feeling all nostalgic:
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The boy who did my dreads when he had his.
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