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My dreads were 1 year old on 7th December. The day after my birthday!
Here's a bit of a pants timeline. I'd like to post some better pictures but I just moved house and I have no idea where my camera is!

So, here's the pre-dreadedness, it was all shiney and pretty. But it was a pain in the ass and I was obsessed with straightening it!

Sideshow Bob! Day one of dready goodness!

New Year's eve 2004

January 2005, snowboarding in Andorra (that's my sister on the left)

March | think...

I don't really know the particular dates for these, they range from april to about october or november...

I rounded my ends...

And on my dread-birthday!! Crappy phone pictures.

Ta da!
Sorry for the long post!

I love my dreads, they are the best thing I have ever done to my hair. They have liberated me from my increasingly obsessive vanity about my hair and allowed me to begin a journey of self-discovery. They remind me of the good and bad times I've had over the past year and they have grown, as have I. My dreads are me.
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