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oooh! ooh! new baby dread! I only did one because I only want to have a single little dread for a while. Oh, by the way, I've been haunting this board and drooling at everyone's dreads for a few months now, but I think this may be my first post. I had dreads a couple months ago, but my hair was even shorter than it is now, and they looked kinda dumb so I took them out. But I've been craving a change, so I might do them again.
So here-eth be my-eth (mmm, Hamlet) my itty bitty dread:

AND MY QUESTION! Because my hair is about a chin length bob, the hair in the back at the nape of my neck is a lot shorter. It's only about an inch or so long and can't really be dreaded. The rest of my hair looks cute in dreads, I think, but the bottom and the back looks really terrible. What do I do? Any suggestions? What if I want to dread my whole head? That part will look just awful, like it did before. So I have no ideas. I thought of maybe undercut? Is that what it's called? Where you shave/cut real short the bottom half of your head, but I don't think I'd like that. So, anything else? I'm stumped. And maybe to help you visualize, I scanned my head (haha). This is the back of it, and you can sort of see what I mean about the short little non-dready hairs.

Thank you for all being such beautiful people :)
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