saltwater_dread (saltwater_dread) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Sewing em

So I've made the leap and decided to sew my dreadlocks. More specifically, I want to crochet the tips into the dreadlocks, and sew all through that so they stay and don't slip out again. I've done a couple and they seem to be doing alright, but I'd like to hear any advice people have on sewing. (I've been through the memories and it's pretty vague).

Do you tie a knot when you're done? How do you keep the thread from coming out of the dread? Is there a best pattern for sewing? Is it better to loop the thread around the dreadlocks, and through a few times, or just through the dreadlock the entire time? Has anyone had bad results from sewing? Does the visibility of thread diminish over time? Would you like to openly swear at me for "cheating" by sewing my dreads?

Any thoughts are much appreciated.
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