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dreads are keeping me from having corporate jobs because people find them too weird, they think i'm a worthless slacker hippie. and i think i am happy with this. they are really a lifestyle.
last week i smoked some pot. it does not happen really often, i find it makes me too paranoid, but everytime it is a magical experience as well. anyways i smoked pot and went for a shower and started really loving my hair and feeling dread bliss in an intensity that never happened before.
and even though they are far from being the most beautiful and perfect hair in the world i looove them! i remember how i'd always feel unhappy of my crappy thin hair before. ahhh. yes. vive les dreads! :)

so... anyone else out here has got really thin dreads like mine?


tied back!

all my loose hair ends...

sleepy fluo party dreads. this dog-pillow is soooo comfy. :)
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