A Sentient Something (nox_pacific) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
A Sentient Something

Hot oil treatment thumbs up

Well I tried alaskadanielle's hot oil treatment - mess aside, it seems to have done good things for my hair so I'm giving it a second recommendation here. I needed about a cup of oil & water each though, not a 1/4c. Hot oil and an end trim later and they've gone from dry & straggly to shiny and tidy, although they will need another wash to get *all* the oil out (still some residue)

Question: hints & tips for keeping fluff etc from getting stuck in dreads, or removing it without damaging them? I can't think of anything apart from putting a rug down when doing yoga, but surely some genius out there has invented the dread repel-a-fluff technique I don't know about?
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