[stonedfox] (linasfyre) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Dreads are love right?

I imagine I should finally officially introduce myself. I'm Monica and I've had my dreads for a year and ...four months roughly. I've no pics tho...lack of digi cam and am not in the know for the whole posting-of-the-picture thing. So anyways, I dreaded my boyfriends hair about five months ago, I took my time and did a good job(i think:)), I worked on them alll the time, just tidying up loose ends and what not, and they were good. He said he had wanted them fer a long long time so I was just like okay lets make dreads.
He moved to BC a month and a bit ago, and I'm in ONtario. SUre distance is tough,but I wrote letters and stuff. He called me a few days ago and it was the same ol hows work blah blah blah, and then hes like "im thinking of cutting my hair, its not what I want right now" so of course i say "AAH? pardonay?"
Then we talked on Monday night and he definitely broke up with me.
I suppose this doesn't make much sense, but I put a lot more then just time into those dreads, and the relationship.
I don't get it.
But now I almost wish he WOULD cut them off(not that I'll ever see it or anything...), and just erase me or something.

thats life i guess.
at least ive got my health, and my dreads.
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