Fortunes Fool (_afton_) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Fortunes Fool

oh wow.

i haven't had a dread dream in a looooong time...

i i almost woke up crying from this one,

it was really long and involved, and most of it's fading fast, but the important part is that there were two "friends of mine" who were stayaing at my house, and while i was asleep they decided that i would look better without dreads, and cut off a few here and there.

i was seriously going apeshit and like breaking stuff, and trying to make these motherfuckers feel as bad as possible... but of course, it didtn' really matter because half of my dreads had been chopped off.....

I'd never had a dream before where i woke up and grabbed my dreads and was ecstatic that they were there...

people always talk about them but they REALLY do suck to have.


i think i'm still shaking.

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