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Last night when we were at dinner, this black woman came up to our table as we were eating and tapped girlfriend on the shoulder... she said, "I just want to compliment you on your man's hair. It's beautiful."

My g/f looked a little confused, but she smiled and said thanks... but I was a little confused, too... I said, "It's ok to speak to me, ma'am..."

I mean, fuck... the hair's on MY head, not my g/f's, ya know?

She looked at me and said, "Oh, whenever I see a man with hair like that, I always look to the 'sista' with him, because I know she has a lot to do with it looking so good."

HAHAHA. Yeah, right. Anyone who knows either of us at all is more than aware that my hair is my responsibility, not anyone else's... especially not my baby's. I mean, she's a loving person, a wonderful girlfriend, a whirlwind in the sack, etc, but she's not a hairdresser.... well, she's not MY hairdresser, anyway. I handle my own hair.

Well, we didn't make anything of it, and the woman left. That was one of the weirdest comments we have ever gotten. I think it touches on every misconception about us... the interracial thing, the dreadlocks, the man/woman dynamic... Very odd.

Anyway, we're fucking adorable.

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