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Update and an [obvious] little tip

Hello, hello!

Well it's been a while since I updated on the state my dreads are in... So, considering I have quite a bit of time on my hands today, I decided to take some pictures. By the way: they're a little over 4.5 months old - I'm happy with the way they're turning out. They didn't start off so well, since I did them all on my own.

On to the pictures! [They're all very similar pictures by the way - please don't kick me]

This picture was taken about a month after I first put them in [Sept 2005]:

This is today [don't mind the rubber bands - I'm testing to see if that will get rid of some big bumps. It doesn't seem to be working, as they just keep slipping around the bumps]:

...And some more from today:

Eeeh. The mirror is dirty. Sorry about that:

As said in the subject line, I've got an obvious little tip for you - It's about hair growth. I've heard and read about a lot of people with dreadlocks complaining that their hair hardly grows. I've never really agreed, though, because my hair is growing quite fast. lishd mentioned in someone's recent post that hair growth spray [from KnottyBoy for example] just doesn't do the trick. Agreed. What you need is good health and daily multi-vitamins [I take some every morning]. Some pictures, showing how much my hair has grown since I've had dreadlocks? Of course!

Remember, it's been almost 5 months. My hair must have grown about 5cm [close to 2 inches?]. It's easy to see, because of the difference between my natural hair colour and the copperish/red colour:

And last but not least... Here's my doggie Jessie wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Don't worry - she's just sleeping.
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