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Cute story: I babysit this adorable (almost) 3 year old, Jeremy. A few weeks ago, we were sitting and watching a movie on the couch when he crawled into my lap and started playing with my dreads.
Jeremy: why is your hair like this?
me: because i think it's pretty
*he thinks for a minute, while still playing with my hair*
Jeremy: i think it's... not pretty.

It was so cute. He wasn't being mean at all or anything. Just hilarious.

Also, I dyed my hair black. I've been dying my hair ever since before I first dreaded it, and now I just wanted to find a color that is closest to my natural color so I won't need to dye it anymore (my natural color is darkdarkdark brown). I like it! I'll have to post more pictures later, but for now, this one:
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