Sarah Lyn (sarar) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Sarah Lyn

I ripped and twisted myself some new dreads from a ton of loose hair I had at the base of my head. it was short when the rest of my hair was dreaded and really soft (I dunno why it was like that when the rest of my hair isn't) so it didn't wanna stay when shft2357 backcombed it. It finally grew out plenty and I'd been meaning to get around to it so I just did.

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my ends all look funny but I'm sure they'll calm down soon

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I did some maintenance (rip and twist on my tips) on the left side in the front yesterday so it's looking better than normal. My whole head is starting to look better in general so I'm pleased. hopefully the new dreads will shrink up soon because right now they're long and hanging out from underneath the rest when my hair is down. me no like.
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