missbell53 (missbell53) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the festive holiday :o) I'm posting up as I need some volunteers! I think some of you may have come across me before, I hand make dread hats/wraps etc I'm trying out a few new designs, and items, and need some people to try them out for me.

All I ask of is:

•2 or 3 good pictures of you wearing the item you are sent to put on my website
•A few minutes of your time to answer some questions for me
•A genuine, friendly person who is reliable

You get to keep the item you are sent as long as you are able to complete the above bullet points. If you don’t have a digital camera, or are hardly ever online, then please don’t offer to help. I need reliable people, who can communicate well via email.

If this is classed as spam, or annoying the community, I’m sorry, I’m just in need of some dready help :o)

Take care


PS If you want to help out then please e-mail me at info@missbell.co.uk

EDIT: Thanks to everyone whos emailed me! I shall be intouch shortly :o)
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