finn (broken_legs) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


hey, i've had my dreads for just about 6 months now, and minus the tips they're awesome. This community has helped me out allot. Unfortunately whenever i wash my hair, all the 'knots' in my tips (about an inch up) come out, and go curly... my dreads look awefull, i usually r&t, but they dont stay. i wonder if im doing something wrong, or if there is an easier way to lock the tips up, sewing perhaps? i'm afriaid sewing tips was'nt explained enough in the memories section, or i didnt read the right posts.... or maybe i just plain dont get it.

thanks in advance,

Image hosted by
These are the tops....

Image hosted by
this is the side of my head.... notice the tips at the back.

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