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first post

so about 5 months ago i dreaded my 4-5" long hair. i got the stupid kit from dreadhead (terrible idea. i dont know why someone didn't stop me) and it took all weekend. after 7 weeks i got really annoyed sleeping with a nylon on my head, the loose dreads in the back, and the cycle dreadhead had me doing. wash every 4 days. spray with "locking accelerator", let dry..and next day was and palm roll. this got really annoying, and i combed them out. my hair was chin length and it was fine. well the week after i cut my hair short and spikey (think sharon stone. hah) so then i started to remembe rhow much i loved it when my head was shaved i shaved my head.

these past 2 months i've shaved it weekly, lastnight i took it down to a 1/8 of an inch (it was 1/4) and im starting to think about growing it out and start my dreads over.

im realizeing now what went wrong, a. i used the dread head kit. and b. i backcombed, palmroll..waxed and called it done. i obviously should have backcombed, palmrolled, and backcombed some more until it felt right. i also should have slowed down.

so if anyone has any advise on what i should do next time to avoid what happened lastnight i would love that.
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