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the day has finally come.

I want to thank everyone for the information you gave me on my last post.

The day is finally here. In less than an hour, i will be getting my dreads.
i had them before. but, they werent done correctly.
so, i awaited for someone who KNOWS what their doing. and my friend Amanda is helping me out.
and i'm forever grateful.
I will def. have before & after photos.
but, here's a photo of a friend & i.
so, it's kind of a before photo.

okay, im going to put a few more.

Image hosted by

i'm in the sunglasses.

Image hosted by
me & my CRAZY neice. (she decided to put all my makeup on her face & draw on her eyebrows like me, haha)

Image hosted by

me & my friend, tracy

thanks again.

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