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Day 4 of my dreads...

Thanks to all of you for really giving me the confidence and the re-assurance to get them...

My first day back of school was Tuesday, and needless to say, a lot of heads turned. A lot of WTF? and WHY?, but overall it was cool. Being a sophomore in high school, not that much really phases me. But , the most overrused phrases of the last three days: Goldielocks and Shirley Temple.

And now, the pics...

I love my old t-shirt now used as a headband.


A closer look at that loose haired mess/ The Ultimate Sign-Off.


I spend a lot of time in class just randomly twisting them. Apparently wax isn't good for a while, so I haven't gotten them wet or anything since I got them (Sunday). I've only once used the tea tree oil butter stuff that the lady used when she did them on them, yesterday when I came home from school, cuz they were just dramatically everywhere.


Any suggestions on calming down the loose hairs? Any suggestions at all? Any...thing would help me.


Be Real,


- Dana

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