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Bonjour everyone!
You may [or may not] remember me from a few weeks back, just got dreads and all that jazz [I was the one with blue fringe and blonde dreads]. Well, it's been almost 3 weeks and I thought I'd give you a little progress report.

So I didn't wash them for almost a week, when I dyed the rest of my head blue and therefor had to wash it. :P The dreads tightened right up. It was a bit surprising, coz they were so light and fluffy before, but I was expecting it to happen, so it was cool.

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This is them after about a week. I had just woken up, so please excuse the dorkiness, haha. I went through a bit of a period where I was nervous coz they weren't looking how I wanted them to, but I convinced myself to be patient and that has passed now.

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Then, after several washings and almost 3 weeks, I've re-dyed them [well, my sister did] and acquired some decorations.

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My friend became a dreadhead earlier this year, and when he saw mine, he gave me my first bead from his own head, which was pretty awesome.

Then, while cleaning out my room, I came across a few more things I decided to stick in it:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
This is also the best side picture I've been able to get so far.
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