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My Hair Timeline

Ahh.. My hair..
I decided to put yp a proper TIMELINE.


Why did you guys dread you'r hair?
I dreaded mine basically because I'm afraid of getting bald!
Hehe ^^ You see, I have this theory, when you cut you'r hair you get obsessed, and then you cut, cut, cut and cut and then suddenly you find yourself BALD wondering what the hell you shall do now ^^

31 pictures under the cut^^

This is a bundle of my hair shots.. Now and then. Not in order, as you can see

This is from when I was little. I was 12 in this picture, the summer of 2003. I had just gotten tangled up in the "let us all cut our hair" thing

And this is 14th of May 2002, on a plane to England, first time ^^
The hair is just what you see in the picture. Less than an inch longer.

Haha! I just cant stop laughing.. This is 17th of May 2004, meaning there is almost still snowy outside! It was a bet. But I did it ^^ And that's Pia in the background, dreaded her hair the 18th of December =)
Quite long again here.

Here I've cut it again! See my fringe? Sideways now..

Here you can just see my ends sticking out of my back ^^

Looking rather horrible here.. Oh yes, but oh so long! that was in September 04

January 04

Then it goes "WHOOOPS" and very short indeed! :O

From when I was a little Emo Kid ^^ Nov 04

It was quite loong ^^


Exactly HOW short! This is from 2005, HAS to be.

This is when my Dreads STARTS

This is probably June 05, just before my first set of dreads.

My last before picture =( Taken the day before dreads!

And Voilá, here you are, it lasted 6 weeks, I felt BALD ^^ And I was UNEXPIERIENCED ^^

All combed out again, july 05

So this guy made new ones for me! With a TERRIBLE result!

Another EMO picture. Before school starts.. Look how GLUED they are! =(

In school, after August, maybe sept? Anyways, look how GLUED they look?
CANDLEWAX! That bastard who made them! :O what a SCAM!

Look how poky those BASTARDS were!

So I combed them out.

IMPOSSIBLE! (almost)


This is my birthday. Still 64 fuckers waiting for DEATH in there =(

4 am, 30th of October 05 Front


30th of October.

Argh. Look at that! I feel so sad.. =(

November 05

November 05

December I think.
I am happy with them now. No, must have been November 05 I think.
And yes, my friends only picture aswell ^^ One of many =)

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