Tara (yukon_tara) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

de-lurking for a minute...

so i've been in love with this community and your beautiful locks for awhile now, but secretly. i don't have dreads yet, so i guess that's why i've been quiet...just thought i'd say hi, i might comment from time to time...but mostly i'll just silently soak up all of your dready goodness and gain inspiration for my own locks!

i'm growing my hair out right now, letting it go wild, and when it gets a bit longer i want to dread it. the more i let it go in its natural state, the curlier it gets. for a few months now i've used shampoo&conditioner sparingly (couple times a week) and then i stopped using conditioner all together about two months ago. i've just started the no 'poo thing a couple weeks ago, washing with a bit of baking soda and then following with an acv rinse. i love the acv rinse, it makes my curls so soft. i last dyed my hair about a year ago, when it was really short. so it's grown out in its natural colour for that long. my hair seems to knot fairly easy. i never brush it, and usually after a few days pass between washing, i can feel it knotting up in the back a bit, just one big clump that i try and seperate. usually the knots come out when i wet my hair or wash it.

anyway, a recent shot of my curls....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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