Lisa (xdefineit) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

curly hair vs. dreads

so i've had my dreads for 2-3 months. i have about 60 or so....and i'm having a lot of problems with them.

it seems that my curly hair is actually fighting my dreads. my hair is thick and curly and naturally locks up without combing but it also remains curly....if that makes sense...the dreads aren't straight is what i mean. when they were actually dreading, also, my hair was very BIG as it is naturally. now it is also very blah..lately, the dreads have been unlocking and getting even curlier...but also blah. [my hair is not insanely curly, just curly] i have left the ends undreaded if that affects anything. the hair that is coming in also isn't locking. i've spent a lot of time on them but maybe not enough? any ideas or suggestions? maybe i need to wash my hair? it's been three months. not that i washed my hair very often anyways...but just wondering.

thanks !
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