surfeur_de_trot (surfeur_de_trot) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

ontario here i come!!

hey guys,
this is only semi dread related sorry: but i figured i would reach out to some family so i think its okay to post. so on a spur of the moment idea. i bought a plane ticket to ontario canada. BUT! without much planning at all. so i was wondering if maybe anyof you lovely canadians knew were a hostil or two would be or if maybe someone wanted to hang out. i'll be there on the 20-28th :O im sooo stoked! i love canadians heheh.

but yeah i love you guys and ithought who better to ask for some help along the way than the ones who would understand irrational thinking.:)

dread love you guys


i guess to make this a little more dread related i'll mention this. i moved into a new apt. and a new roomie. and shes a dready too!!! opa!!
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