jesusfest (jesusfest) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Lots of pictures of my hot, hot hair

Hello again, I dyed my hair.

Also does anyone want this hat?

First I bleached: (tinfoil dreads are crazycool)

(Don't mind my nasty hair-dye-shirt)

And then some color:

(This was to check if I missed anything, since I only have one mirror. And I did :(
(up close)

Oh god my hair is so hot:

Also, I was playing around knitting some lace, when I noticed my doily would make a better hat. However, hot pink is so not my color at all (I am boring). Anyone want this hat? Make me an offer here or at iamglynis at yahoo dot com.

(That icky thing on the mirror doesn't come off, my house isn't that dirty!)(Also I am horrible at taking pictures of myself in the mirror so you can't see the top, eh)

Oh and I will throw this one in, even though you can't see my hair. Yeah I don't post often :)
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