franchesca (chescaleigh) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

hairstyle stuffs

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i'm a nerd and got my hurr did for my first day back to school. it didn't last long only because it was so fuckin tight i looked like i'd had a face lift and i felt like some of my locks were about to rip. (eep!) so i ended up taking the back down and now i have a little crown of bandu knots. its still really cute and very fun. i'll take pictures eventually.

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these photos are a few weeks old, but i thought they were fun. after getting out of the shower i did my entire head in little bandu knots (they kinda look like cinnabuns). i did this by taking two locks and twisting them around eachother with a little bit of setting gel and then twisted the two into a little bun. this is also a great way to twist your new growth! after they dried i took them out and this was the result. i've done this before but not w my hair at this length, so the curls came out a lot more defined.
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