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to backcomb or not??

should i let them dread naturally again?

i dont know...


oh and i figure

heres a "natural" time line....of my babies. past.

 the begining maybe mid november - i teased like crazy - and left it alone...teasing again when it got limpISH...

i dyed it more reddish without brushing - and did some extra TEASE - stopped washing

some more teasing

a month or so later only rinsed with water in the tub

oh and since the begining i started to BRAID the fronts that i DIDNT want to dread - so they wouldnt get SUCKED IN!!!! it was cute i liked it. rinsed again here

this is after christmas..i think i actually washed it...i could be wrong..

then i BLEACHED it...did wonders tightening.

then i died it pink like - a month or less later...rinsed

then a week later i did them again - more pink - cause it didnt work too well.

its up!!! and i think rinsed

and up again! this is february..(and a new tatoo)

 the last day...they were like...5 months old .... close...

i know i cut them off a little before passover... i dont remember

so after i CREATED this post...ive decided to do it...today jan 14th im going to start my journey

today is the last washing for a while ;)






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