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hello hello hello

hey everyone, i'm new here. i've had my dreads for about five months now. and i LOVE THEM. i was nervous at first about how they looked. i wanted them to be perfect.i dindt want them to be too big, or too small, or too fat, or too skinny. i finally have come ot understand that dreads arent supposed to be perfect. its like life in a way. they're all different, all 46 of my dreads "act" in a different way. its like they have their own personalities. i love it. for instance i tried to combine 4 different dreads into two bigger ones. and they only locked up about halfway. at first i hated it. now theyre pretty much my favourite ones ever. i have more loops than i can count. and soo many more are wavy "s" shapes. i've come to like my dreads' imperfections more than the normal looking rounder ones. i get asked question about my locks all the time. and it makes me happy. i love my dreads. i'll post pictures when i get some good ones from my friends. i just thought i'd say hi to everyone.

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