heather bo beather (peace0f_mind) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
heather bo beather

one year dreads

my dreads will be a year old next week. and ive been thinking about that for a while.it jsut really makes me happy to know that its been a solid year and i still love my mane more then anything. i never get tired of looking at them or talking about them or touching them, the texture of them, playing with them, pulling them up letting them down. they have changed alot in the past few months.
no one thought i would stick with them this long...but i have and the idea of cutting them off has not yet, not even once crossed my mind.
and so, because the 26th on january is right around the corner and i probably wont have time to post a bunch of pictures, im going to do it right now, while its on my mind


me the fall of 2004

my first dread picture ever, the night i finished them.

one month

3 months

6 months... this is actually when they started to tighten up alot and take shape.

about 8.5 months or so. idk, it was in the summer.

somewhere in the 9 month range

10 months

before i cut my ends off

and new years eve

and the most recent picture i have of myself.


there ya go. my year of dreads in review.  :D

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