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red dreads, adventures in dye

Sorry no pictures kittens... the maternal-being is being very stingy with her new digi-cam.

I love having red hair. Not just slightly red, or natural red... but RED! The reddest red possible. (i also enjoy faded-sunset red dreads and orange sun-faded red dreads, but not quite as much)

I thought it might be a good idea to share my experiences with red hair dye (the good, the bad)... ::note:: all these are non-amonia lesser-chemical dyes.

base color: dirty blonde, ranging from dark roots to lightly bleached parts to sun bleached to orange-y sun bleached permanent red dye.

most recent: disappointing. I used Naturtint brand (available at whole foods and health food stores) FIRELAND color. This is supposed to be a crazy red, bright, almost with a tinge of fuchia. THIS DIDN'T WORK! The dreads were clean, one day since washing. I saturated my dreads in dye, let it sit in my hair for an hour or so, and most of it came out in the rinse. It only dyed segments of hair, like the roots... and very little else. (it didn't even dye the loose hair!)

Previous: Last June I used another shade of Naturtint. I'm not EXACTLY sure which one, it was new at the time... a new more intense line of theirs... and was still very red. It MAY have been terracotta blonde. This dye worked well with dreads, except for REFUSING TO RINSE OUT! It was very odd, it took 3 days of rinsing my hair to get it out. Also, the dreads refused to dry. The color was great, but it FADED severly into an orange after a few days in the sun at a festival.

tried and true: special effects. I LOVE this brand. I just wish the dye was permanent. It takes a lot to dye dreads, given the sponge factor, but it reacted with semi-previously bleached/colored hair very well. The reds/oranges are so rediculously vibrant. I used it on 2 month old dreads with grat results...

I don't know if this will work, but here's a picture from halloween 04, special effects dyes. (and a whole lot of good lighting)

if that doesn't work, you can find it yourself... myspace
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