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hey everyone! I don't know if introductions are customary in this community, but I stumbled across it a couple days ago and joined and thought I'd say hi (and that you are all so lovely).
I don't have my dreads yet, but I plan to start them after my birthday, which is in a couple weeks. I've been researching the best methods and products and I guess all I can do now is hope that they turn out alright and I'm able to maintain them. I have super straight hair, which I'm planning on bleaching first and then backcombing, maybe after a little salt water spritz?
Anyway, here a couple (goofy) pictures of me, and if anyone has any special advice, of course i would love it.

These pictures were taken in September, so my hair is probably a little more than an inch longer now, and my bangs (which I plan to keep) are a little shorter.

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