down4dakrown (down4dakrown) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

im back..again

so its been a really long time since i have been on livejournal..but im freakin out a lil so i really need some hair is fucked up! *haha* but seriously...i got out of the shower a while ago and i know i rinsed all the shampoo out..but i was rolling my hair and a few were all i squeezed them and this brownish/yellowish goop seeped doesnt smell or anything..but its really gross looking..does anybody know what it i can get rid of it..or anything that will help me...all feedback is very welcome..please please please help me dreads have reached 6 months old *yay* i really hope i dont have to chop them all off...but they are really nasty..should i wash them more? i probably only wash them like twice a month..i dont use wax..and i hardly ever roll them or do anything with them actually..

thanks in advance

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