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I combined most of my dreads yesterday. I really wanted them to be thicker. I was starting to get unhappy with them.
I tried with all my might to use this method of Lish's to combine them, but it just wasn't working. I think one of the problems was that I had a make-shift needle I made out of some fairly sturdy wire. Although it might have worked, anyway, if some of my dreads weren't so tightly knotted. It actually made me pretty happy to see that some of my dreads are so tight that I tried for ten minutes on one to stick a pencil through the center of it, and I couldn't.
Anyhow, I gave up on that, and just used the method I've used before for combining my dreads. I basically weaved the dreads through each other, then rip and twisted the loose ends together. Some turned out quite braided-looking, but I like it. Not to mention, that's mostly due to the differences in the colors of each dread I combined. And they stop looking so much like that after a while.
So, they're combined pretty tightly, and I'm happy. :)

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